Artist Profile: Amazing Jeffo

Jeff Smith, aka Amazing Jeffo, will be one of the most inspiring acts at the 2012 Twin Ports Bridge Festival. He is a performance artist. He’s a magician, a comedian, an educator and a motivator. And he’s blind.

Jeff is the first person to point out that sighted people are rarely comfortable initially with a blind individual. That’s where his humor enters in, alternatively referred to as silly, cheeky, and sometimes corny. His humor is a vehicle which enables Jeffo to transition from one magical routine to the next, keeping the audience on their toes.

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So Many Reasons To Connect & Celebrate

There are so many timely reasons behind the Twin Ports Bridge Festival.

For Progress. This is the big reason. We’re all human. We all have struggles in life. If we realize and bear in mind that we all started in the same place, and will eventually be in the same naked situation at the end, then we can more easily help each other through our struggles. We may also have a chance to put an end to bullying and stop discriminations toward others in our community, whether it’s racism, mental illness, a disability, religion, poverty, age, or you name it. Respect and positive relationships are at the core of all these issues.

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