Artist Profile: Amazing Jeffo

Jeff Smith, aka Amazing Jeffo, will be one of the most inspiring acts at the 2012 Twin Ports Bridge Festival. He is a performance artist. He’s a magician, a comedian, an educator and a motivator. And he’s blind.

Jeff is the first person to point out that sighted people are rarely comfortable initially with a blind individual. That’s where his humor enters in, alternatively referred to as silly, cheeky, and sometimes corny. His humor is a vehicle which enables Jeffo to transition from one magical routine to the next, keeping the audience on their toes.

Groups are delighted with his ability to ad-lib and involve them. “Don’t tell me I’m also color blind!” Smith will tell an audience during a magic trick. When eager young attendees raise their hands to volunteer, he tells them, “You’ll have to raise your hands a lot higher than that for me to see them.” And he instructs a volunteer, “Pick a card and don’t let me see it!” Most importantly, the humor serves as a vehicle that accents Smith’s underlying message of “rising above challenges.”

Amazing Jeffo shares his personal passion and awareness of the power of attitude in overcoming challenges. A button he wears on his tuxedo lapel illustrates this. It reads, “DISABILITY,” with a slash through the first syllable. Amazing Jeffo’s message and example is a positive reminder of the heights we can reach when not limited by a negative attitude. He believes, “The most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about – our attitude!”

Out of his hat, Amazing Jeffo pulls captivating magic and fresh surprises, sure to mesmerize the audience. This blind magician inspires kids (and adults) to see their own abilities. As they laugh their socks off, they’ll be learning about disabilities, gaining empathy, and building respect for themselves and others. Perfect for our Bridge Festival crowd!


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