So Many Reasons To Connect & Celebrate

There are so many timely reasons behind the Twin Ports Bridge Festival.

For Progress. This is the big reason. We’re all human. We all have struggles in life. If we realize and bear in mind that we all started in the same place, and will eventually be in the same naked situation at the end, then we can more easily help each other through our struggles. We may also have a chance to put an end to bullying and stop discriminations toward others in our community, whether it’s racism, mental illness, a disability, religion, poverty, age, or you name it. Respect and positive relationships are at the core of all these issues.

To Support Positive Organizations. And connect them to volunteers for even greater community results.

For Our Kids. Actions speak much louder than words. Let’s set an example for them and offer a positive event with a great message for the whole family. Plus, growth through music, keeping their minds wide open & imaginative.

For the Music Resource Center – Duluth. Speaking of kids, let’s help the development of this extraordinary after school program that can change their lives in such wonderful ways. And let’s get them up on the stage to show us what they’ve learned!

For Our Adults. We want them to stick around and this is exactly the kind of events they want to be a part of. It’s the kind of event we all want to be a part of.

For Our Government. It’s far more productive at every level with civility in relationships. Especially in an election year.

For Economic Development. It’s also rooted in relationships and open-mindedness. And of course, businesses want to be located in positive, productive communities. We all do.

To Get Outdoors. Spending time on our great lake never gets old.

Because It’s Accessible. Everyone should be able to connect. We have some great sponsors who allow us to keep ticket prices low enough for many people to attend who otherwise may not be able to.

To Communicate. Through music, meeting others in our community, and direct presentation by incredible performers.

To Be Active. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Enjoy it. Celebrate.

Because We Have Bayfront Festival Park. It’s a wonderful asset. Let’s gather there and make it happy.

For the Future of Festival Fun. This is a new festival format that people are demanding. For their money these days, attendees want to leave with something gained, an experience they’ll remember for a long time. They want to be a part of it and play an active role in the community. And we want to be among the first to offer that sort of experience.

For Sustainability. “Being green” also comes much easier in a positive community that is willing to work together toward a common goal.

Because Attitude is Everything. Let the positive voices be louder than the negative!

Because… Why Wouldn’t We?  Why shouldn’t we lead the way in positive change, showcase our communities, our people, and how we like to celebrate these things?

So many more – we’ll just leave it all bundled into the tagline:

Connecting People. Celebrating Community.


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