Early Discount Tickets Now On Sale!

This is the lowest ticket price offered, only available to the first 2,000 ticket buyers. It’s also the most important ticket to help us grow the impact of this event.

There will be some incredibly inspiring and empowering activities and presentations at the festival. Help us get them in front of people in our community who could greatly benefit from them, but are unable to attend without a caregiver or because of the cost. Our goal with the early ticket price is to raise enough by May 31 to be able to allow free access on July 6 to local organizations that may include, but certainly won’t be limited to, those that help with mental illness, disabilities, and/or disadvantaged youth. With this year’s date only two days after Independence Day, we are also hoping to be able to allow free access to all veterans. After the first 2,000 tickets are sold, our standard price of $35 for the whole day of events will apply.



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