Artist Profile: Moors & McCumber

A winding mountain road, a dimly lit bedroom, a star filled sky.
Moors and McCumber is an original Folk-Rock-Americana duo influenced by the songwriting of Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and Neil Young.
James Moors and Kort McCumber met at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in 2005. Sitting around a campfire swapping songs, James and Kort each heard something in the music of the other that just fit. The two have been performing and writing together since. Having collectively sold more than 15,000 copies of independent releases from the stage, Moors and McCumber was the initial offering from the duo and they just released their second effort, Gravity.James Moors is heralded by Steve Morse, longtime Boston Globe writer, as “Sharing some of the same melodic gifts of Neil Finn, enhanced by a warm-hearted spirit that makes you want to hear more.” Born and raised in Minneapolis, Moors lists the Replacements, Soul Asylum and Prince among his early musical guideposts but it was the songwriting of Shawn Colvin and Martin Sexton that set the artist on his current path.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, McCumber plays everything from guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and piano in his brand of Americana that’s “one part rock and blues, two parts country-bluegrass and all parts McCumber.” But it is his songwriting abilities that have made him a Colorado favorite, and garnered him national and international recognition. A winner of last year’s Flat Rock Festival Songwriting Competition in North Carolina and a finalist in this year’s International Songwriting Competition, McCumber has been humbled and inspired by the achievements, which only adds to his passion for touring and sharing his music with every town he visits. — From Marquee Magazine in Boulder, CO written by Joseph Kovack.

The two of them make an outstanding duo. They have written some wonderful songs together. Their voices mesh perfectly and they have a unique energy between them. They are obvious friends and have a tremendous respect for each other. Watching them perform together is truly special.


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