Bridge Fest Teaming Up With Harvest Fest In 2014!

HarvestPlusBridge Two locally focused, family festivals teaming up for one day to celebrate our community by:

  Sharing all the great things growing in our region through education, demonstrations, and the largest annual Farmer’s Market in the Twin Ports. Learn where your good food comes from. Meet the farmers who grow it!
  Showcasing the many great organizations, artisans, and innovators here through a Nonprofit Showcase, Craft Village and Energy Fair. See what others are creating and how they’re helping our community.
•  Offering live music on two stages plus interactive shows, workshops and activities for the whole family.
  Welcoming college students back to the Twin Ports and introducing them to our extraordinary community.
  Honoring our greatest lake, and our commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability around its western tip. This is the place on the map where so many great things come together!
  Making it all accessible for everyone, with FREE parking and admission until 4 p.m.! And by donation after that for the evening entertainment acts.

Finally, a festival for EVERYONE in the Twin Ports community!


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