As a volunteer, not for profit festival, it is our intention to unify community in our:

  • shared humanity
  • appreciation of Lake Superior and all water
  • and our commitment to social, environmental and economic sustainability.

The Twin Ports Bridge Festival is not just another concert or market festival. It’s an experience people will walk away from inspired, empowered, full of Love. It’s education. It’s fun for the whole family. It’s a pep rally for humanity and the Earth. And it’s good for the soul. 

We’re not talking about fluffy cliches. We’re celebrating our inherent Love with a capital L, the core of our being that unites us all.  That deep Love that invites us to take care of ourselves, one another and the Earth.

At the festival, you can bring love into action through:

Stewardship When we remember our interconnectedness with all things, we are more inspired to take care of ourselves, one another and the planet. Bridge Fest endeavors to connect people with Lake Superior through participation in a water celebration (bring a small jar of water with you from your favorite water source), encourage participation in Lake Superior Day and regional parks projects and invites folks to become Lake Superior Stewards by pledging to do at least one thing in the next year that helps protect and restore the world’s largest freshwater lake.

Build Community It’s time to unite in our shared humanity, our desire to love and be loved, to be heard and seen as equals. Let’s celebrate our differences as assets. Let’s unite in our love and appreciation of Lake Superior. Let’s create social synergy by sharing what is working in our lives and businesses that supports thriving communities. Let’s enjoy local food, craft, beer and each other.

Sustainability Calling all sustainable business leaders and change makers! Let’s hear from you! Tell us what is working or emerging that is sustainable in support of an economically, socially and environmentally thriving community and planet. Sharing those stories inspires innovation and allows for conscious evolution towards greater beauty, truth, love and equanimity. 

Pure FUN! Enjoy some fantastic music~ dynamic speakers that motivate us to consider how we treat ourselves, others and the planet ~ engaging opportunities for people of all ages to be creative ~ share in Yoga ~ laugh~ dance ~ connect and be a part of something really AWESOME in a stellar location next to our role model~ Lake Superior.

Here’s a full schedule of events!

Special early ticket prices for the 2013 event are only $25 for the whole day until 2,000 tickets are sold. Early kids tickets for those 10 & under are $5 and there’s lots of fun for the whole family, including some fun family entertainment on the tent stage. After May 31st or when we reach our ticket sales goal, ticket sales go up to $35 for the whole day, $10 for kids.

Twin Ports Bridge Festival is a not-for-profit event presented by KUMD 103.3 FM, organized by the Twin Ports communities and coordinated by Laughingstock Design.

Happy Space, a Laughingstock Design creative outlet store: 218-461-2288

Fax: 218-656-7230

The mission of Laughingstock Design is to spread some joy through the art of communication. We specialize in events, graphic design & marketing, and apparel design/retail quality screen printing on USA-made and sustainable textiles – all for the greater good. CREATE for Goodness Sake.

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