Calling All Community Builders

With a creative answer to the questions below (not actually required), not-for-profit organizations pay nothing to have a presence at this year’s Twin Ports Bridge Festival. And the admission is free for a member of the organization to staff the booth! Since vendors and exhibitors are located in the concert bowl with a view of the main stage, this means a free Jayhawks concert plus a full day of music from other great bands along with community yoga, inspiration and fun for the whole family – all while spreading the good word about your organization. Continue reading


verb [trans.][often as adj.](localized):

make (something) local in character

How do we localize an event like the Twin Ports Bridge Festival? Well, we can start by lining up artists who have roots in the region. Then we can involve as many organizations as possible from our area, including everything from the production companies to the vendors and exhibitors at the event. See below for a list of performers, vendors and other local connections that make this event happen.

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